Social Media: 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

The most common resolutions can also be applied to social media.

Whether or not you partake, you’ve certainly heard the most common New Year’s Resolutions people make every time January rolls around. Because it’s one of our resolutions to be extra super clever this year, we applied the Top 10 most typical to social media in general. Ironically, social is also the place where you'll watch everyone declare and subsequently break their resolutions all over their Timelines with pictures of delectable food and stressed-out posts, but we digress. Willpower is hard, and we’re pulling for you.

To that end, everyone could use a little social media sprucing up in 2018, so here we go with our top recommendations mirrored after common resolutions.


1. Get In Shape: That shape can be anything, really, as long as it’s not a bubble.

Whether you’re dishing out creative ideas, measuring campaign effectiveness, crafting a media plan, or writing a kick-ass script, bring a basic knowledge of (modern) social media to the table.

  • Understand the major set of platforms.
  • Know what objectives and measurements matter.
  • Learn about the available ad products and how they could bring your work to life.


2. Really Lose Weight (For Real This Time): Just because a client really, really needed a Pinterest profile two years ago, does not mean they need it today. They may be better served with a focused approach.

  • Check out the overlap between their brand target and who can be reached on each platform.
  • Think critically about how effective efforts can be on each platform.
  • Don’t post where it doesn’t make sense. Because, it doesn’t make sense.


3. Spend Wisely: You probably know that almost every brand needs to spend more to get the same or better results in social media for 2018.


Where can you shift dollars to be more efficient? Consider whether a more strategic paid media strategy doesn’t just make financial sense, but creative sense as well.


4. Spend More Time With Family and Friends: People like to spend time with people who share common ground.

  • As a social media advertiser, make sure you’re taking advantage of look-alike audiences.
  • Meet Jason Parker. He likes coffee. A lot. And based on his overactive social media behavior, he’s easy to target for that behavior.
  • Meet Maggie Hooley. She also likes coffee a lot. But her existing targetable data doesn’t really say so.

If you know enough about Jason, you could guess that since Maggie shares enough traits with him (and other coffee lovers with rich data profiles), she might just like coffee too. She’s the right age, in the right job, with the right set of related interests. The good news is, you don’t have to figure this out. Leave it to the computers. Audience Expansion: On!


5. Travel More: Don’t be too literal and take your brand around the world (unless you’re an airline, then maybe that’s the right thing to do in your case).

  • Travel beyond what you think you want to say about yourself.
  • Explore new types of storytelling and ways of connecting with people.
  • Think about who your target audience is when they’re not engaging with your brand, and how you might be able to fit into more of their life in an authentic way. Then, do it!


6. Break Your Smartphone Addiction: Increasingly, the smartphone is the only place to be if you want attention in social media. So, what to do if people want to start ignoring them more?

  • Make sure your content works on mobile.
  • Make sure your content works at its best on mobile.
  • Make sure your content is worth paying attention to if time on mobile is precious.


7.  Eat At Home More: If you’ve heard of the “bite, snack, meal” approach to social media content, this will make a lot of sense already.

  • Got a video? Don’t throw out the leftovers!
  • Let’s grab some GIFs, stills, quotes, maybe even several images to use as a carousel.
  • Let’s make shorter cuts and put them out as brand-new content. If you can make new use of existing assets (without looking like an uninteresting amateur), don’t “go out to eat” with your production budget.


8. Stop [Insert Bad Habit Here]: There are plenty of habits worth breaking. Here’s a big one for social.








9. Reduce Stress: The number-one way to reduce stress in a branded social media strategy? Agree on objectives and measure the same things.

If your business cares about awareness, and that’s going to be the objective in social media, remember that six months from now and don’t offer engagement rate as a way to prove success.

Say it with me:

  • Murky objectives raise cortisol.
  • Cortisol increases belly fat.
  • Clear objectives reduce cortisol.
  • You need clear objectives.


10. Get More Sleep: Relax. You do not need to post every day, and you may not need to post every week. How often do you need to post? As often as you need to post.

  • That answer may sound like a cop-out right up there with “it depends,” but, it depends.
  • With the right paid support, you decide the shelf life of posts. There’s no need to clutter your feed with organic posts no one sees.
  • Post what you need to, set it (but don’t forget it), and take a break from content calendar overkill.


Happy 2018 to all!

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