ICF Olson a Finalist for Canada's Digital Agency of the Year

ICF Olson's Toronto office is up for Strategy Magazine's digital agency top honors

Despite the fact that it’s unseasonably cloudy and chilly in Toronto, today is a good day. Scratch that. A great day. We just found out that we’re on the shortlist for Strategy Magazine’s Digital Agency of the Year award. It’s a huge deal and we’re beyond thrilled. There are some strong agencies on that list; agencies that we respect. We’re proud to stand among them.

But for us, this nomination is about more than just pride. It’s about validation. For years, we have taken a unique approach to our clients’ business – mainly because we’re a unique agency. A blend of technology, creativity and innovation. To us, success is not measured by the strength of a single campaign or product. It’s measured by the strength of a brand’s ecosystem. By how each and every single touchpoint, and piece of communication, works together to create a strong, singular message – a seamless brand experience.

Through these ecosystems, we help brands connect with people in new and exciting ways. To be recognized for doing this, by Strategy Magazine no less, is a tremendous honour. It’s as much a nod to the back-end developer behind the scenes as it is to the creative thinkers in the spotlight. Regardless of what the verdict is on November 4th, we have already won. Thank you, Strategy Magazine.

Click here for the full story and shortlist.