Hockey Never Sleeps.

Learning from hockey fanatics

Hockey people aren’t like the rest of us. To them, hockey isn’t a game, it’s a 24/7 obsession. And how do we know this? We started our relationship with Bauer by sending Olson anthropologists to places like Russia and Canada, to literally live with players, and gain an on-the-ground understanding of what makes them tick.

Own the moment

Born from a hockey fan’s always-on obsession, Own the Moment captures the intense, nonstop, and sometimes inexplicable passion of both young and professional players. We’ve been “always on” with Bauer for ten years, across every media platform and then some, helping them rise from a distant number four hockey brand to number one, where they stand today.

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Own the Moment isn’t a slogan. It’s an immersive hockey experience—from broadcast to games to online content to product launches and website development…to Bauer’s Own the Moment retail experience.

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Winning is everything

We lifted Bauer hockey from number four to number one.

Some brand ideas last a year. Some last a lifetime.

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Bauer Emoji Keyboard
Bauer Emoji Keyboard

We gave hockey players their own emojis. Download the Bauer Keyboard.

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