Technology, Meet Humans.

We’ve partnered with Target for years. These projects are two of our recent favorites.

You are cordially invited.

People love new technology, but only when it delivers experiences that are richer, better, more fun. Here are two examples for Target, a client we’ve partnered with on a number of projects. To generate excitement for the launch of their Lily Pulitzer fashion line, we created an immersive digital experience that took advantage of people’s cellphone accelerometers, to put them right in the middle of a 360 celebrity-filled party. The Pulitzer launch experience generated more online buzz than any in Target's history, and the entire line sold out in less than a day.

We used people’s cellphone accelerometers to put them in the middle of a spectacular celebrity-filled party.

Target - Technology, Meet Humans Target - Technology, Meet Humans Target - Technology, Meet Humans

Visit the Lily Pulitzer experience

From “big box” to “cool neighbor.”

Another launch involved the opening of a new Target store in Portland, a town notoriously grumpy and anti-big box. We wanted to create an experience that would make Target feel less like an interloper, and more like a really cool neighbor. So before the store went live, we invited everyone to send us their most Portland-centric Instagram pics, which we promptly handed to local visual artists Rather Severe, who painted live in our windows and turned Target into a block-long gallery of iconic Portland culture. It became a local must-see, and by the time the store opened, Target was embraced as one of Portland’s own.

Target PDX
Target PDX

We made Target a destination even before it opened.

PDX being painted
Target PDX
Target PDX Target PDX