Brands and the bite-sized content revolution

Olson's own Jen Boyles pens article for PSFK on the trend.

Respected research and insight organization PSFK recently asked Olson to pen a thought leadership piece on trends in the content and social marketplace. This came at a great time as the agency is growing its Content Lab offering to meet the needs of clients like Bauer, BISSELL, Commerce Bank and more. We jumped at the chance to talk about the increased need for brands to focus on always-on, bite-sized engagements. 

Content Strategy Director Jen Boyles penned the article and highlights why it's important for brands to consider waning attention spans, social algorithms and user appetite when creating content:

Brand or person, social is all about imagery and motion and easy consumption. When great content is served up in bite-sized increments, not only is it easier to digest, it’s easier to engage with. Instagram illustrates this so well, as content can simply be a photo or [short] video. The platform has a reputation as a great place for growing superfans, but there are pretty specific caveats: imagery must feel editorial, creative or inspiring. Overt brand messages aren’t welcome, not even in paid ads themselves, so the brand has to connect with consumers in another way.

Read Jen's full article at and learn more about how we helped clients grow their fanbase with content.