Up to the Challenge.

Life-changing moments are amazing and beautiful, but they also bring about financial challenges. For Commerce Bank, we know that people need a financial partner—not just a bank—that understands how to help them through all of life's beautiful complexities, so they can focus on the good stuff.

We poised Commerce Bank for growth by being relevant and true to a younger generation. We even went as far as using real imagery from real people.

Rarely are people interested in advertising from a bank. So we spoke to people who are going through life’s pivotal moments, like having children.

With all of life’s amazing and exciting milestones like getting married, Commerce Bank will focus on your finances so you can focus on the good stuff. 

Because no two people are alike, we highlighted Commerce Bank’s process—one that is as individual as its customers.

While most banks feature overly polished people and their unrealistic dreams, we focused on real life and its perfectly imperfect moments.

print ad, baby kissing dad on forehead
print ad - bride